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  • Rathausplatz 1, 69221 Dossenheim
  • +49 622186510
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Lock Schwabenheim
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Former Quarry Leferenz

Dossenheim is located at the scenically enchanting “Bergstraße” in direct neighborhood towards Heidelberg. With an approximate height of 550m the “Weiße Stein” (White Stone) is the highest point of altitude within the community at the edge of the Odenwald. Towards the west the town opens up towards the Rhine-plain, which climatic conditions create optimal conditions for horticulture.

With its connections to Heidelberg, Mannheim and Weinheim by train, the B3 (federal road B3) and the connection towards the motorway Dossenheim is easy to reach.

A multitude of bikeways and footpaths throughout the Rhine-plain enable visitors and tourists to enjoy healthy and relaxing trips by foot and bike through a beautiful landscape.

The “Schwabenheimer Hof”, located directly at the Neckar, belongs to the community since 1925. The agricultural viller is a popular destination for trips among cyclists and hikers of the region.

The cultural program is diverse: There are big events such as “Kerwe” (carnival), “Sommertagszug” (summer day parade) and events in the “Museumsscheuer” (museum barn).

The history of the community is presented vividly in the local museum.

Another popular destination for trips are the ruins of the “Schauenburg” (Schauencastle). The ruins are under monumental protection and are remains from the 13th till 15th century.

The history of stone processing comes to life in the former quarry Leferenz. The geological happenings are explained with the use of information boards using historical photographs. These pictures illustrate the dangerous and full of privation work of the people doing labour in the quarry. The monumentally sized quarry walls give impressive testimony of how much stone was mined and moved during the time this quarry was in work.

Hiking trail: open all year long
The quarry museum is opened Sunday, 25th of September from 2 p.m. till 5 p. m.

On these days there will be a demonstration of stone processing.


Mr. Thomas Schiller
Phone: +49 6221 865120

Further information can be found online at (German)


  • Local museum
    The local museum is located in the old city center, Rathausstraße 47. Parking possibilities are to be found in the car park “Kronenburger Hof”. From there it is only five minutes by foot to the museum. The museum is opened every third Saturday of the month from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. Guided tours are offered on appointment.
  • "Kerwe” (carnival)
    The traditional “Kerwe” in Dossenheim is a street carnival with a big kids flea market that traditionally takes place on the third Sunday of September, annually. On the “Kronenburger Hof” visitors are offered a colorful event program. Striving from customs and traditions, to modern live music, up to shows from magicians and clowns for the youngest. All around the “Kronenburger Hof” local societies and other organizations offer all sorts of culinary deliciousness. Additionally there is a big flea market and on the town hall square a big amusement park with lots of attractions waiting for you.
  • Sommertagsumzug
    During Spring the societies, schools and kindergartens of Dossenheim organize festivities to celebrate the turnout of the winter and the arrival of spring.
  • Churches
    In Dossenheim there is an evangelical as well as a catholic church. The nowadays-evangelic church dates back to the medieval times. From 1650 till 1926 the church was used by both confessions. 1923 till 1926 the catholic church community built a new church in the “Gewann” “Obere Beint”. Besides those two confessions Dossenheim offers the New Apostolic church as well as the “Biblisches Lebenszentrum” (Biblical Life Center).
  • Watergate Schwabenheim
    The lockage is located at km 17,679 of the Neckar-main route, 500m upper of the locality of “Schwabenheimer Hof”. The Watergate is a cannal barrage consisting of a double Watergate.
  • Leisure Time
    For meaningful recreational activities there is a multitude of sport society offers, a public indoor pool ready for sports swimming, 3 sporting and festival halls as well as several other venues for events.

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