Bertha Benz Memorial Route

Asparagus Community Reilingen

  • Hauptstraße, 68799 Reilingen
Reilingen 1
"Museum of rural craftsmanship and industry" is housed in the historic inn “Zum Löwen”.
Reilingen 2
Asparagus and strawberries
Reilingen 3
Wersauer Hof

Welcome to Reilingen

Archaeological findings in and around Reilingen point to an early settlement, even before its first proper naming in 1286. The sensational finding of a human skull fragment in 1978 is document to this as its age has been estimated at about 300.000 years. The former peasant village has over time developed into a nice community to live in. With its approximately 7000 inhabitants Reilingen has its own unique charm. Besides its tobacco production Reilingen is famous for its high quality asparagus. The renowned friendliness and warmth shapes the hospitality of Reilingen, which has engaged in city partnerships with the Italian and the French city of Jargerau.

Sights in Reilingen

Village Community House with Musseum
Address: Hauptstraße 1, 98799 Reilingen
Hours: Every first Sunday of the month from 2 p.m.
Since 1986 the museum of rural craftsmanship and industry is housed in the historic inn “Zum Löwen” (The Lion).

Franconian Farmstead
Address: Hauptstraße 12, 68799 Reilingen
The Franconian farmstead dates back to the year 1810 and is under monumental protection. The estate consists of two gable-ended buildings at the side of the street and one lavishly designed timber framed gate system between them. The well-preserved buildings give a decent impression of a typical local farmstead around the 1800’s.

Asparagus and Tobacco Nature- and Educational Trail
The asparagus and tobacco nature- and educational trail begins near the graveyard of Reilingen (End of town in the direction of Walldorf) with a detailed and lucidly designed description of the trail. Following up are five checkpoints that indicate five asparagus fields of different age and cultivation.

Wersauer Hof (Wersauer Farm)
Address: Wersauer Hof 1, 6899 Reilingen
Up until today the baroque “Hofgut” (farm estate) carries the name of the neighbourly situated castle Wersau. Until 1803 the structure served as a sheep ranch of the electoral domain management.

Evangelical Church
Address: Hauptstraße 54, 68799 Reilingen
The late classical church was erected in 1819. The designs were carried out by Friedrich Weinbrenner and today the church holds up to 800 people.

Catholic Church St. Wendelin
Address: Hauptstraße 78, 68799 Reilingen
The neo-Gothic church was built in 1905 and dedicated to the memory of Saint Wendelin. Architectural highlights include the main altar as well as the windows in the choir part.

Interesting locations

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