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Former Quarry Leferenz

  • Am Neuberg, 69221 Dossenheim
Steinbruch 1
Former Quarry Leferenz
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Former Quarry Leferenz
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Former Quarry Leferenz

The quarries above of Dossenheim shape and characterize the landscape and are signature style parts of the regional local and economic history.

Already in 1760 the mining of rhyolithe (prophyr) started in Dossenheim. In the quarry Leferenz this lasted till 1984 with peak production before WW I. At the beginning of the 20th century the plants in Dossenheim were the most important employers in the community and the biggest rhyolite miner in Baden.

Up until the 19th century the mining was executed with the usage of the most simple of tools – in dangerous manual labor including the help of women and children. The transportation of the crushed pieces was realized by horse and cart. Just at the turn of the century technology simplified the work. Fracturing- and sorting machines as well as a cable railway were used to increase production.

Nowadays the former quarry is a place of information as well as experiencing – a geotope that functions as window into the earth history and a biotope for the retreat of rare species.


Hiking paths are open all year long.

Hours of the quarry museum:
Sunday 25th of September 2016
2p.m. till 5p.m.
On this day there is a demonstration of stone processing.

Contact Information
Communtity Dossenheim
Landline: +49 6222-8651-0


  • Geology:
    The former rhyolite quarry “Leferenz” in Dossenheim shows signs of a volcanic catastrophe about 290 million years ago. During this period molten rock rose up to the earth’s surface. After cooling down, the now solid rock is still visible.
  • History:
    At the local museum, at the “Museumshof” (museum yard) as well as on the nine “Geopoint-Boards” in the quarry, which were created in cooperation with the community and the “Heimatverein Dossenheim” (society that takes care of local things/history etc.), the manifold of aspects of the quarry work can be seen. Impressive memorabilia, a fracturing machine as well as the original light railway offer visitors as authentic experience.
  • Art:
    The connection between stone and art can be made by interested parties by looking at the sculptures of Knut Hünecke in the quarry.

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