Manor house © Gemeinde Umkirch

District of Umkirch

Manor house – the former estate farm with revenue office

Hauptstraße 3, 79224 Umkirch

Square in front of the manor house with revenue office © Gemeinde Umkirch
Revenue office with manor house in background © Gemeinde Umkirch


An estate farm in Umkirch is first mentioned in a document dating back to 1279 about the estate farm’s obligation to keep a breeding bull and a breeding boar. We do not know exactly where this estate farm stood. Today’s estate farm or tithe barn was only built in 1828/29 when Grand Duchess Stephanie moved the revenue taken over from the House of Kageneck from the palace gardens in front of Büningen Castle. The new manor residence was the estate farm until serfdom was abolished in 1856. However, the old tithe payments were not finally abolished until 1868.

The revenue office to manage the Kageneck estate was built in the late 18th century. Both the manor house barn and the revenue office now belong to the parish. The manor house is home to a pub, doctors’ surgeries, the village hall, the Red Cross, the fire brigade and various small shops. The revenue office has been a care home for many years and serves as both a meeting place and residential accommodation for the elderly.

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