‘Mariä Himmelfahrt’ Catholic parish church © Gemeinde Umkirch

District of Umkirch

‘Mariä Himmelfahrt’ Catholic parish church

Waltershoferstr. 2, 79224 Umkirch

‘Mariä Himmelfahrt’ Catholic parish church © Gemeinde Umkirch


The church in Umkirch dates back to the latter half of the 11th century, making it one of the oldest churches in Breisgau. It was probably built by Fenis, Bishop of Basel, who built a church in 1075, the core of which is still preserved to this day. It is first mentioned in a writ of protection from Pope Innocent II to the bishopric of Basel dated 14 April 1139.

The single-nave Romanesque church was converted to the Gothic style in 1350 and to baroque in 1760. The church underwent its last extensive renovation in 1980, and the new organ dates back to then. The Roman artefacts found near the south wall during the latest round of renovations are also worthy of mention as they provide a clear indication of the extent of the Roman settlement excavated in the Mühlematten area.

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