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Our long weekend in Ehingen


29.09.2023 until 03.10.2023

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PleasureMoments © Stadt Ehingen
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Art installation in the pedestrian zone © Städtische Galerie Ehingen
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Welcome to Ehingen

Enjoying life, good food and art & culture, coming to rest or discovering something new? A long weekend is a welcome opportunity to spend a relaxing short vacation. Or even to visit friends or family members you haven't seen for a long time. Or maybe you're not drawn to faraway places and prefer to stay at home in Ehingen to enjoy the golden autumn on your doorstep?

Create a very special time for yourself from September 29 to October 3, according to your individual wishes and preferences.

Come and visit our beer culture town for the first time, invite friends and relatives to the Städtle or experience your home town in a completely new way.

No matter which group you belong to - the hosts of Ehingen are looking forward to offering you exactly the right moments of enjoyment for your and our long weekend in Ehingen!

Locations & Events

Experience over 50 events in more than 20 locations in and around Ehingen:

Interesting locations

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