Hohennagold Castle

Lower Enclosure

S13 rek unterer zwinger
Reconstruction: Lower enclosure © Stadt Nagold
S13 rek untere zwingermauer
Reconstruction: Lower enclosure wall with the four half-round towers © Stadt Nagold
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The remains of the lower enclosure wall in 2020 © Johannes Hanschke
Lower Enclosure


The lower part of the lower enclosure wall and its towers still exists. The view from 1643 shows a battlement, upper stories of the towers and crenellated wreaths.
The lower enclosure wall was built during the 15th Century, in the style of medieval fortifications. During the High Middle Ages a castle was defended by its circular wall, battlements and towers. The new fire arms however, demanded new and tactically better positions for shooters.
The lower enclosure wall has four half-round towers and a small rectangular tower. Two square towers are positioned where the enclosure wall ends at the moat. Originally, there were two levels for fire arms in the towers: one at ground level and one on the battlement. Remains of the lower gate can be seen next to the western tower in the lower enclosure.
In the case of war or attack, the lower enclosure served as a refuge for the people and their animals from the nearby Hohenberg villages like Rohrdorf and Ebhausen.

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