Bad Krozingen town hall.

Bad Krozingen

Baden-Wurttemberg | 20.292 inhabitants

Vita Classica Thermal Baths © Kur und Bäder GmbH Bad Krozingen
Wine Experience Path © Kur und Bäder GmbH Bad Krozingen

Welcome to Bad Krozingen

The spa town of Bad Krozingen combines top-quality medical care with a general emphasis of health in the local culture and the very highest standard of living. Situated in a beautiful location between the Rhine and the Black Forest, Bad Krozingen is considered to be the centre of the southern part of the Breisgau region. But it is not just in terms of being a modern healthy spa town that Bad Krozingen is well placed. Located in the tripoint area of three German states, together with the towns of Freiburg, Basel, Mulhouse and Colmar, Bad Krozingen benefits from the region’s cultural diversity and outstanding features.

Learn more about the individual characters of our municipalities and enjoy the benefits of our town which has earned an outstanding reputation far beyond the borders of our region as a spa town and health location, with its spa facilities and especially because of the Vita Classica thermal baths.

Discover Bad Krozingen over the course of a beautiful walk through the centre of town at your own pace. In addition to the circular walk, comprising 18 stations in the centre of the town, we can also offer you some attractive detours to the municipalities of Biengen, Hausen, Schlatt and Tunsel, together with Schmidhofen.

We wish you lots of fun!

Walking tour

Stations : 18 + 9 detours
Distance : approx. 5 km (without detours)
Duration : approx. 1.5 hrs (without detours)

Interesting locations

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