The Dreetörn Hus in Süderstrasse.



Dreetörn Hus

Süderstraße, 25746 Heide

The three pinnacles (little towers) on the transverse gable.

General information:

Can you recognise the Baroque elements? No strict order, as in the foregone Renaissance, but rather swaying forms, cupolas, groups of columns, gables, and rich ornamental embellishments. The “Three Tower House” was built in 1733 in the Baroque style and is the oldest residence in Heide.

The “Dreetörhus”, or “Three Tower House”, owes its name to the three pinnacles (little towers) on the transverse gable of the former, changed portal front.

Like the “Old Parsonage”, the “Dreetörnhus” was also designed and constructed by the master builder Johann Georg Schott (born 1690 in Stuttgart – died 1753 in Heide). After his apprenticeship, he found employment in Heide with a master whose name is no longer known. After the master’s death, Schott allowed the guild in Heide to convince him to marry the master’s widow. An advantageous connection: The city could continue to benefit from his architecture, and a “supply gap” was quickly closed. Now there’s pragmatism in action ­– in the past just as in the present!

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