Train station Emmendingen



Train Station

Bahnhofstraße 8, 79312 Emmendingen

General information:

The train station was finished in time for the introduction of the rail line Offenburg-Freiburg in 1845. The Emmendinger train station is one of the oldest preserved stations in Germany and along the Rhine River Valley. There are numerous old stations along the Rhine. According to the first plans, the railway was to go from Riegel directly to Freiburg.

Through the intervention of both factory owner Carl Helbing, who was also a political representative in the Second Chamber in Baden and the earlier Emmendingen senior official August Friedrich Stösser, member of the Rail Committee, Emmendingen acquired its train station and a direct connection on the Offenburg-Freiburg line.

Originally the train station building was constructed symmetrically. After its destruction in WWII, the left side of the station was rebuilt in a simplified form.

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