The water tower is the symbol of Heide.

The Market Town in the North Sea Wind


Population: 21,116 | Schleswig-Holstein

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The farmer's market is always well attended.
In front of the Old Parsonage stands a touchable model for people with visual impairments.

Welcome to Heide

Heide, located in the west of Schleswig-Holstein, is known as the Market Town in the North Sea Wind. Not far from the coast, the lively shopping town is a major attraction for locals and tourists. In the middle of the city centre, the largest undeveloped market square in Germany forms the heart of this family-friendly city.

With 21,000 residents, Heide is the county seat of Dithmarschen and is on the edge of the metropolitan region of Hamburg. The traditional farmer’s market of Heide, which has been taking place on the market square for more than 500 years, is known far beyond the borders of the city for the special charm it exudes each Saturday. Not only fresh groceries, but also flowers, textiles, jewellery, and more are sold here. Marktplatz, the market square, is a historical site that was hosting gatherings of the free and independent Farmer’s republic of Dithmarschen back in the 15th century.

Culture enthusiasts are also catered to in Heide. As the birthplace of the famous Low German poet Klaus Groth, the city has established a museum in the house of his birth. The ancestral home of the family of the famous composer, Johannes Brahms, is also located in the neighbourhood.

Heide Walking Tour

Stations: 10
Length: approx. 2.8 km
Time: approx. 1 hour

Discover Heide by foot on a comfortable walking tour.


You can find all events in Heide HERE.

Leisure Activities

  • Fun in the water at Dithmarscher Wasserwelt: a large indoor swimming pool (50-meter lane) and year-round open outdoor swimming pool with a giant water slide and 20 m slide for kids.
    There is also a camper parking site and a mini golf course in the neighbourhood.
  • Fitness and fun: varied fitness circuit in Kreistannen.
  • Shop and enjoy: colourful shops with quaint restaurants and cafés.

Interesting locations

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