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Welcome to Schopfheim

Schopfheim is the oldest town in the Markgräflerland region. Well-connected via the B317 highway and the S6 Schopfheim-Basel commuter train connection, the town is a great year-round jumping-off point for hikes in the Black Forest, excursions throughout the Markgräflerland region, and tours to Basel or the neighbouring region of Alsace.

The town centre and the Enkenstein, Langenau, and Fahrnau districts are located in a valley.  The Wiechs, Eichen, Kürnberg and Raitbach districts are situated on the surrounding hills, while Gersbach lies 16 km away, between Schopfheim and Todtmoos.  The high-altitude location makes winter sports possible.

Schopfheim Walking Tour

Stops: 18
Length: about 2 km
Duration: about 1 hour

The walking tour starts on the Marktplatz, the town’s market square. The weekly market takes place here each Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, featuring a large selection of locally self-grown products, including cheese, dairy products, meat, sausages, trout (Wednesdays only), bread, pastries, organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables, juices, liquor, noodles, vinegar, oil, honey, eggs, jams, and flowers.

A flea market takes place in the Old Town on the last Saturday of May, July, and September.  Organ music can be enjoyed at the old Church of St. Michael during market times in the summer months.

Lying beyond the walking tour route are the Otto Erich Döbele Museum, the technical museum with its extensive collection of linotype printing presses, the Dorfmuseum Eichen village museum, the Bärenstube (teddy bear collection) in Gersbach, and the Waldglaszentrum (forest glass centre).


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