Seelbach © Gemeinde Seelbach

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Seelbach © Gemeinde Seelbach
Seelbach © Gemeinde Seelbach

Seelbach … perfectly placed

Seelbach is nestled in a beautiful, picturesque setting surrounded by meadows and woodlands in the heart of the Schutter Valley. Renowned for its pure air and healthy climate, the vibrant town of Seelbach and the adjoining villages of Schönberg and Wittelbach have a history dating back over 800 years.

Feel as if you’re stepping back in time and let the tour lead you around Seelbach.

Tour of Seelbach

Stations: 13 + 7 detours
Length: approx. 2 km (without detours)
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours (without detours)

Take our tour and discover Seelbach at your own pace.

Besides the 13 stations in the town itself, there are also a number of possible detours such as to the ruins of Hohengeroldseck Castle with its fantastic views of the local area or to the ruins of Lützelhardt Castle on Seelbach’s local mountain. Or go on a short walk to the Konradskapelle, a hillside chapel with great views of Seelbach, or take the Naturlehrpfad nature trail to the neighbouring Litschen Valley and the medieval Geroldseck smithy.

You can also discover the small Romanesque church in Wittelbach by combining the Wittelbach detour to the main tour.

The beginning and end of the tour

Rathaus Seelbach
Hauptstraße 7,
77960 Seelbach

An accompanying flyer for the tour is available from the Culture & Tourist Information Office in the town hall.


  • At the end of November, a traditional, 3-day market festival – the Katharinenmarkt – takes place in Seelbach. The historic opening ceremony on Saturday evening recalls the granting of market rights to the town in 1455. The actual market takes place on Sunday and Monday with more than 250 stalls.
  • Seelbach has held the title of Luftkurort – a resort with excellent air quality and climate – since 1969. The villages of Schönberg and Wittelbach have held this distinction since 1999.

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