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Breisach am Rhein

Baden-Wurttemberg | 15.500 inhabitants

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Welcome to Breisach

Breisach am Rhein nowadays represents a link between Baden/Germany and Alsace/France. In its history of nearly 4000 years many different peoples benefited from the strategic location of Breisach near a bridge for crossing the Rhine river. As a result, Breisach often changed its territorial affiliation and was destroyed twice - in 1793 and 1945. Nevertheless, one can follow the traces of the turbulent town history by taking a walk on the “Münsterberg” - the historic part of Breisach.

Walking tour

Stations : 14 + 3 detours
Distance : approx. 3.5 km (without detours)
Duration : approx. 1,5 hrs (without detours)

Explore Breisach on a pleasant stroll over the “Münsterberg” at your own pace. In addition to a circular route with 14 stations in the old city, we invite you also to three detours: the Eckartsberg (point of view opposite of the Münsterberg) and the Badischer Winzerkeller (wine cellar). Also a boat trip on the Rhine is a great experience. We wish you a pleasant stay!


  • The first test election for a United Europe took place in Breisach - and this already 5 years after the end of WW2.
  • In Breisach the largest producer-winery of Europe has its headquarters, the Badische Winzerkeller.
  • Breisach twin city Neuf-Brisach, located just 5 kilometers above the Rhine, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

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